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Aslon Rubber develops, manufactures and distributes rubber products for a large range of applications. We produce all our products out of recycled rubber, they are not only strong and flexible but also extremely durable!
Aslon Garden ontwikkelt, produceert en distribueert diverse tuinmaterialen, zoals rubberproducten, kunstgras en split- grindplaten. De producten zijn toe te passen in de tuin en terras. Uiterst gebruiksvriendelijk en zorgen voor een mooi eindresultaat.
Aslon Systems develops, manufactures and distributes substructure systems for garden and balcony. The products are easy to install for a fast assembly. With our systems the results are not only stunning but also durable because the possibility of recycling.
Aslon-Refoam develops, manufactures and distributes PU Foam. All products are made out of recycled matrasses. Aslon Refoam can be used as underlay for sport- and project flooring, applications for the acoustics and custom-made solutions.